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MAP Session

Suggested Donation $60/hour WHY USE MAP?

MAP is gentle and relaxing. It doesn't require to remember or relive traumatic memories. You simply close your eyes and observe your experience! Your Coach will not require you to share your memories or tell your stories if you don't want to, making it very safe and non-invasive. It’s fast, you can measure the progress every few minutes

You are the one in control, not the therapist or coach, your higher mind is directing the healing.

The results do not depend on the coach or therapist experience, the process works by itself It can be done from the comfort of your home or over the internet.

It can be done in groups where you don’t have to share again, you can keep your privacy and still get great results. The processing is often short.

You don’t have to remember any of the traumatic experiences, they can be healed without revisiting it all in great detail. You simply observe your mind and body shift, it feels magical and empowering to know that you can heal yourself.

The results are long-lasting. Once cleared the memories are rewired and it is permanent.


Before your first session, you will watch a 15 minute video to begin teaching your brain.

Then, when you connect with your coach, you will have another few minutes of training for your brain. It is all done using metaphors as the brain understands pictures the best. This allows all parts of you to agree and work together.


“Blocks” are simply memories that have lead to behaviors that are not to your advantage. Memories can change fast, as the latest neuroscience has discovered. With the MAP Method™ we leverage this new discovery. Once the memory has been disconnected from the negative emotion, it doesn’t affect your behaviors anymore. The result is long-lasting and once you begin reacting differently to your experiences, you begin to create new memories reinforcing the change.

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