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What is Quantum Reflex Analysis?

What is QRA? QRA is Quantum Reflex Analysis. It is several things:

It’s a testing method that stands heads above others in its ability to reveal what your body needs. It’s a simple & yet profoundly effective system of testing the bio-energetic status of the body’s key organs and glands using a university-proven muscle testing technique on medically accepted acupuncture reflex points. The procedure taps into the wisdom of the body telling the practitioner what treatment is needed to create balance, strength and well-being. It’s non-invasive and non-toxic to the body so there’s no pain. (Click here for further information about the patented Bi-Digital O-Ring Test.)

It incorporates several spectacular principles from the field of quantum physics as discovered in the 1970′s in Germany by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and others. A core discovery that led to most of the others was a growing suspicion by Dr. Popp that all living cells generate very low level but extremely coherent light! Dr. Popp’s associates laughed at him. One of them set out to prove him wrong by building a machine that was so sensitive that it could detect the light of a firefly 10 miles away! The machine proved Dr. Popp right to the amazement of all. The machine is now a standard tool in its field.

CELL RESONANCE. One amazing discovery was that the membranes of all of the cells in our body are semi-crystalline. This means that it has a resonant frequency unique to the particular organ or gland. (This is much like a crystal glass or tuning fork; you tap it and it rings with a specific and pure tone.) The frequencies for all of the human organs and glands have now been measured. When a cell of human tissue is healthy it has a certain resonant frequency; when ill it has a much lower frequency. (When cancerous, it’s extremely low.) When ill tissue is fed with nutrients whose own frequency closely matches the ideal (healthy) frequency of the organ, the recovery of the health of the organ has been seen to be spectacular! (By the way, Dr. Popp measured many animal glands and found them to have much lower frequencies than human glands, which explains why animal glandulars don’t work very well.) But nutrients cannot have high cell resonance unless they have been exquisitely well grown in rich, fertile, unspoiled soil with clean air, water, and natural fertilization, and have been kept free of chemical additives, preservatives, flowing agents, binders or damaging forces such as irradiation. To do this, they usually must be obtained from deep forests and pristine mountain tops found only in foreign lands such as India, South America and China. (Most U.S. soils are tragically ruined.)

LIVE SOURCE. An implication of the previous is that nothing from a non-live source can be good for the body, long-term. Many if not most food supplements today have been made from non-living sources. Non-live material, not having cells, obviously has no cell-resonant frequency nor any DNA. So while some temporary benefit can be had from the biochemical reactions in the cell, there’s no DNA to provide biophotons to your DNA. For example, a B vitamin thiamine mononitrate is often made from coal tar derivative resin, i.e., a petroleum byproduct. Popp showed that longterm use will damage your DNA. Of course other non-living substances such as pesticides, herbicides, etc. do this too.

EXCIPIENT-FREE. A discovery corollary to the previous is that when small amounts of an inert (non-living) ingredient are added to a nutrient for which the cell has a high affinity, the inert substance has the capacity to inordinately damage the cell’s DNA. Why would anyone add inert ingredients? This is done for a strong economic reasons; capsule and tablet manufacturers add these substances (called excipients) to make the powdered nutrient flow much more quickly into the capsule, or stiffen it (under pressure) if making tablets. There are many excipients, including magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide (sand), and talcum powder. If you took a spoon of silicon dioxide, your cells would reject it. But if you add a very tiny amount of it to something like CoQ10 which the cell may desperately want, it will uptake the CoQ10 and the sand! As in the previous item, you get the short-term benefits of the CoQ10, but after a period of weeks or months (which has been clinically observed), the DNA damage builds and you get less and less benefit even though you might take more and more of the supplement. Often, this problem alone is enough to slow down and even stop a recovery from chronic illness.

TOTAL PRODUCT REDESIGN. Dr. Bob Marshall and his organization have been applying these discoveries by virtually destroying the entire product line of nutrients they had been using for years. They’ve totally redesigned them to conform to these great (but almost completely unreported) discoveries which offer the greatest promise for fabulous health than any other breakthrough in recent centuries. Just the organ-targeting products alone took very hard work over a 10-year period (1994 to 2004) to redesign them to be cell resonant. Clinical results over the first decade of the 21st century have proven the results of all this to be more stupendous that expected! Before Dr. Marshall did all this, his clinic had some of the best results around, such that doctors were referring impossible cases to him and his clinic. But many of his success cases were starting to revert, and Dr. Marshall searched the world for answers. He was also driven by an impending death sentence on himself! The result is a tremendous line of products that really enables the body to heal itself and a system for applying this technology. One way it’s applied is that the testing method is used to verify that each batch of product totally conforms to the above 3 discoveries! (Nothing like that is being done anywhere else in the industry!)

THE BIOFIELD. Probably the most amazing discovery of Popp and the others is that the body is controlled by a sophisticated plasma energy field never before known to modern man. This field is a grid-like matrix of light pathways created from biophotons (weak light waves or particles) emanating from the DNA of cellular nuclei. It permeates and extends beyond the physical body and governs all of the body’s biochemical processes. Here are the facts (all proven) about this amazing field we call the Quantum Energy Biofield (or more simply, the biofield): It is mapped by the acupuncture meridian system and is THE mechanism whereby information is sent to and from the brain to operate everything properly. (Of course, there are sub-cellular interconnections to the nervous and circulatory systems.) Information travels through the field at twice the speed of light, and may explain mysteries such as why groups of birds or fish instantly change direction as a unit.

Scars and traumas anywhere on the body disrupt the biofield and prevent the brain from sending nutrition to the tissues. The tissue affected is determined by the location of the scar or trauma. All kinds of scar-creating events do this, whether by surgery or accident. All, including episiotomies, epidurals, hernias, c-sections, tattoos… every surgery involving cutting or piercing the skin, no matter what the purpose was. All heavy impacts disrupt the biofield. This would include (but is NOT limited to) concussions, a broken nose, a tailbone injury; even car airbags hitting you.

The effects of these disruptions (called Interference Fields or energy blockages) are slow but unrelenting, and continue to destroy their target organ or gland right up to the point of death, if left uncorrected. This happens even though the original event involving surgery (or impact) seemed to have no lasting ill effects. Some people when hearing this say “It happened SO long ago that it can’t have any effect now”. Not so; the longer ago it happened, the longer it’s had to relentlessly weaken the target organ(s). So its effect is actually greater if it was many years ago.

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) successfully and with 100% accuracy identifies whether a particular scar/trauma IS weakening its target organ, gland or part. If necessary, it can be traced to the organ being destroyed. In some cases, we can even roughly identify how long ago the trauma happened! (This is because the body remembers, even if in our own mind we don’t, or even if we never knew about it, as in the case of a baby who is too young to have firsthand memory of it. I have a friend who knows of his head interference field through the QRA test AND because his mother reported the incident to him. But if his mother had never told him, the test would still reveal it.)

A fabulous therapy, mud-packing, used in simpler form in ancient centuries (but forgotten long before modern times), will successfully erase the damaging (and often eventually fatal) effects of these Interference Fields and thereby restore coherence to the biofield allowing fabulous healing! It doesn’t matter whether the concussion occurred last month or the episiotomy occurred 30 years ago; when properly done, in only 3 weeks, the disruption is totally erased and the organs/glands will start sucking up superb nutrition superbly, if provided. QRA re-testing after the 3 weeks verifies that the therapy was successful in erasing the Interference Fields.

There has been a tremendous consistency when testing patients of almost any known chronic dysfunction; incoherence in the biofield (an Interference Field) is always found! A few rare genetic conditions are “hard gene” based, so may not be driven by an Interference Field. But the vast majority of conditions DO get traced back (directly or indirectly) to the forgotten scar or trauma that often occurred years or even decades previously. Even many “soft gene” genetic conditions are exacerbated by I.F.s. Not only can we erase the I.F.s, but through cell resonance and remethylation we can often repair the damaged genes in the DNA!

FAQ’s for QRA

If this QRA is so great, why haven’t I heard of it before now?

It's new, so most doctors are unaware of it. Many doctors are deeply rooted in traditional medicine and reject anything not taught in medical school, not reported in medical journals, or not using drugs. The FDA's changed policies make it challenging for natural products and non-drug treatments, leading to disclaimers like 'Not evaluated by the FDA.' Doctors may dismiss treatments not approved by the FDA, out of professional pride and skepticism, causing issues in drug and alternative therapies.

Does insurance cover your services?

Insurance does not cover testing or treatment involving natural substances. It took the chiropractic industry (for example) many years of lobbying congress to force insurance companies to provide some coverages for chiropractic. Most doctors don’t step outside of insurance-covered circles.

What about children or pets?

Children and animals experience stress, often more than we realize. Our non-invasive and gentle services are ideal for both, helping identify underlying issues like food allergies, infections, or digestive concerns using QRA. We can refer you to medical professionals if needed. Pets, in particular, benefit from our approach, as they can't communicate their issues like humans. Our energetic tools can uncover the causes of their problems without invasive tests. I've successfully used this system on my own pets, ensuring their long and healthy lives.

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