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Solid State Technology

These Vibrational Tools have many beneficial effects on the electrical potential of your skin, which is part of what acupuncture needles tap into. By emitting energies that are calculated to break down inharmonious energetic patterns, these Vibrational Tools load specific dissipative energy onto your skin and meridian channels. Suggested Donations: Complete session is 1.5-2 hours $120

Partial Session 30 minutes $30

60 minutes $60

Simple in concept, simple and effective to use.

An analogy is the tapping a drum. The energy exchange between the drum skin and the surrounding air is a transfer of vibration. The closest air is impacted the most because of its proximity. This air, or energy field hugs the drum skin like an energy envelope, like the skin on your body. Just as most of the vibrational energy is transferred from the drum to the nearest air, most of your vibrational energy is loaded onto your skin.

Because your skin is alive with nerve endings, glands and fluid exchange capacity, it is intimately connected to your central nervous system. Therefore, any negative energies surrounding your skin will involve your central nervous system. Further, your experiences have a profound electrical manifestation by way of your skin, to the energetic meridians of your body.

Another simple analogy is back flushing any system. The energy of the Tool is dominant, so that necessary positive energies (steady state patterns) are unaffected, while acquired negative energies (dissonant patterns) get eliminated.

This Vibrational Tool has of 2 basic parts: A Composite BioDisk (made up of a Plain BioDisk and a BioQuark) and a Brass Plate. Additional tools include Overlays (see descriptions below) that deliver specific vibrational information for one, or many different purposes.

The BioDisk/Composite BioDisk

The BioDisk is a device that can both send and pull energy… an energetic “push-pull” device. A special metal alloy disk (very thin and only 1′′ in diameter), the BioDisk is energized (using proprietary technology) into a permanent higher quantum state which makes it impervious to all external energies and cannot be altered or down energized by any means. The high “atomic spin state” polarizes the BioDisk, without any magnetic properties. This is an atomic polarity.

The BioDisk is encoded with two distinct sets of biologically pertinent harmonics. The metal alloy disk inside the BioDisk is oriented so that the violet side (with the geometry) is the energy producing side, and accelerates energy away from the disk. The other side (with the rainbow target) draws energy into the disk.

The Brass Plate

The brass plate is simply a quantum resonant device, dependent on the brass alloy composition inside the BioDisk and on the plate’s precise dimensions.

It establishes a harmonic bridge between the Composite BioDisk and the hypothalamic system in your body. This is why the dimensions of the plate are in a precise relationship to the thickness and diameter of the alloy in the BioDisk.

The relationship between the BioDisk and brass plate is calculated to be a harmonic relationship between two different resonances. It is not a sound relationship. It is a quantum mechanical relationship. Therefore, it serves analogously as a wave guide for this energy.

The difference between the two harmonics is something that is capable of exciting your hypothalamic system. The differential resonance actually puts the hypothalamus gland in a high state of readiness, like being put “on alert”. In other words, it’s a stimulant, a resonant or energetic stimulant to your hypothalamus.

There are so many ways to use this solid state technology. We have begun putting all these methods down and will continue to share them. Dan Explains SST (audio) Dan Explains Water & SST (video)

"This is just the beginning… the best is yet to come."

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